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  • Popurri on the Song of Raymond Pauls - Raymond Pauls
    Songs From а Secret Garden - Rolf Lovland
    Johnny Wanna Live - Sandra
    The Snow is Spinning - Sergey Berezin
    Lavender Fields of Provence - Lena Orsa
    I'm Not Alone - Charlotte
    Comet - Jony
    Underground (from "Kitten Mita") - Chandra Oyuget Cheung
    Clementine - Halsey
    Credo - Zivert
    Sunrise - Pavel Volkov
    Comet - Jony
    Dearest Person - Nervy
    Aux Deux Magots - Secret Service
    Johnny Wanna Live - Sandra
    I Pray For You - Denis Klyaver
    My Captain - Roman Ignatiev
    Сlassical Dream - Francis Goya
    I Will Be Your Sky - Reflex
    The Romantic Waltz - Lena Orsa
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