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    Most of my life I have been connected with music. I graduated from a music school (9 grades) and the Music and Pedagogical University (4 years). I have my own YouTube channel (Kri Muse), where I shoot piano versions of songs by famous artists and make high-quality, as close to the original notes as possible. I try to work for quality, not quantity. I hope you will be satisfied with my work.
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    Sheet music and midi - Kristina Bladyko
    The Moon Doesn't Know the Way - Taypan & Agunda
    If You Feel Sad - Rauf & Faik, NILETTO
    Between Us - Lizer
    Love Me - Grechka
    NBA - RSAC
    The Brightside - Lil Peep
    The Boy From Peter - Alena Shvets
    Comets - Polnalyubvi
    Girl With Bob Hairstyle - Mukka
    Comet - Jony
    Ocean - Elsa & Emilie
    This is Love - Skriptonit

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