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I Miss You so Much - Pornofilmy
Dior - Yegor Ship
Raspberry Berry - Habib
Venus-Jupiter - Vanya Dmitriyenko
Cadillac - MORGENSHTERN & Eldzhey
Arcade - Duncan Laurence
Boy - Fogel
Libertango - Astor Piazzolla
Etudes - Sergey Filimonov
River Flows in You - Yiruma
Benz Truck - Lil Peep
Lullaby - Rauf & Faik
Youth - Dabro
It Hurt and Passed - Hensy
Baby - Charlotte & MORGENSHTERN
Nuthouse - Karna.val
Waltz - Yevgeniy Doga
You are Merciless - Jony
Comet - Jony
Murka - Leonid Utesov
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