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  • Miroslava Tereshchuk-Shentiurk, Musician
    Hello! My name is Miroslava Tereshchuk-Shentiurk.

    Here on the project PianoSolo.me are presented my arrangements for the Piano and Synthesizer: sheet music pdf format.

    Thank you for your attention to my work!
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    Sheet music and midi - Miroslava Tereshchuk-Shentiurk
    Spring is Here - Myroslava Tereshchuk
    Nocturne - Anatolii Tereshchuk
    Autumn Says "Goodbye" - Myroslava Tereshchuk
    The Pink Panther Theme - Henry Manchini
    Melody - Myroslav Skoryk
    The Wren OST - Esin Engin
    Ever Since Parga - Fahir Atakoglu
    Where are You Now? - Igor Shamo
    Faded - Alan Walker
    Prelude "Lockdown" - Myroslava Tereshchuk
    Rhapsody "To the Light" - Myroslava Tereshchuk
    Mr. Bean - Howard Goodall

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