A Special Offer for Authors

Dear friend,

If you are a professional piano player, a composer or you make piano arrangements, we have a special offer for you!

Your arrangements can be a source of your passive income. Upload your arrangements on our website, and you will have a chance to earn money. We take care of promoting and selling products designed by authors for the target audience — passionate piano players. We get the sales increased every month so you don’t need to worry about them.

Before you upload your content, sign up and add your contact details. Then use the quick form to add your arrangements and be ready to enjoy your efforts. Remember that the more arrangements you add, the more you can sell!

The website is available in Russian, English, German, Chinese and will be more, so you can sell your content to people from different countries.

It is your chance to upload your arrangements and start getting an ever-increasing additional income right away. .

The payments for your products purchased in the previous month are made via PayPal on every 10th day of the current month. Other payment systems can be discussed. Our monthly fee for hosting your products is just 30% per month while you will get your 70%! The fee is applicable to the amount reduced by the payment system fee.

Copyright and other rights are reserved and guaranteed.

So, now you are just a few steps away from uploading your arrangement on PianoSolo.me. Let’s do this!

1. Sign up and fill in you profile, add your contact details .

2. Find the My Sales section in your personal profile and specify the payment type.

3. Mark whether your arrangements are subject to discounts. All products are automatically added to our discount program, and we recommend keeping it this way as authors, whose products are included in this program, tend to earn at least twice as much as other authors. Anyway, the decision is up to you.

4. Add your arrangements (sheet music in PDF and if you have - MIDI) by pressing the Add button in the top left corner and choosing the arrangements from the list. 

5. Your arrangement will be checked and then appear on the website. You can monitor your sales in the My Sales section of your personal profile. After each successful sale, you will get a notification on the e-mail you have specified during the registration.

Thank you for being with us and look forward to seeing your products on our platform!

Any questions? E-mail to support@pianosolo.me or write in the chat box in the lower right corner.


Sergei Borodin

Founder and Manager of PianoSolo

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