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    Here on the project are presented my arrangements for the Piano and Synthesizer: sheet music pdf format.

    Thank you for your attention to my work!
    Sheet music and midi - Musicman
    I Miss You so Much - Pornofilmy
    Our Summer - Valentin Strykalo
    Raspberry Lada - Gayazov$ Brother$
    Smile - PIZZA
    Murka - Leonid Utesov
    Going to Magadan - Vasya Oblomov
    I Miss You So Much - Pornofilmy
    Jump off the Cliff - Korol i Shut
    It's Crazy to be the First - HOMIE
    I Like To Move It - Eric Morillo
    5 songs by "Pyrokinesis" - Pyrokinesis
    Demobilization - Sektor Gaza

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