Lena Orsa

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  • Lena Orsa, Музыкант
    Lena Orsa is truly a woman of music: she performs a number of roles, including composer, orchestrator, pianist, producer, educator and arranger. Her spheres of work as composer extend to cover symphonic music, operas, musicals, chamber and choral music, though she is currently most focused on creating music for movies.
    Ноты и миди - Lena Orsa
    Рыжий кот (Red Cat) - Елена Орса
    Лавандовые поля Прованса (Lavender Fields of Provence) - Елена Орса
    Музыка любви (Music of Love) - Елена Орса
    Романтический вальс (Romantic Waltz) - Елена Орса
    Город, где мечтал Шопен (The Town of Chopin's Dreams) - Елена Орса
    Японская пагода, отраженная в воде (Japanese Pagoda with Reflection in Water) - Елена Орса
    Блеск воды в солнечных лучах (Water Sparks In a Sunbeam) - Елена Орса
    Зимняя дорога в лучах заката (The Winter Road under a Pink Sky) - Елена Орса
    Китайский сад (Chinese Garden) - Елена Орса

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